Reopening Guidelines

First Baptist intends to follow the State and CDC guidelines and recommendations for safe, limited reopening of our church. We care deeply about the safety of every person who wishes to come to our campus. 

Phase 1 of our Reopening has begun. As the state and authorities update their guidelines and recommendations, we will respond accordingly.


— FBC encourages those who are 65+ or are in an at-risk category to stay home. We will provide online ministry for you. 

— If you have an illness of any type, or been around someone who has been sick, or someone has been sick in your family, Please stay home.

— If you are uncomfortable getting out at this time, please stay home and we will continue to provide online ministry for you.



— We will only have our main/front door available for entrance

— There will be a designated Door Opener with gloves and mask.

— At the close of the service, people will be dismissed by row. One side of the church will exit out the main entrance and the other side will exit out the side door.

— We will have hand sanitizer available


— Every other row will be blocked off to create social distance.

— 6 feet of space on each row between people not of the same family

— Observe social distancing at all times

— Once seated, please stay in your area and do not get up to mill about

— You will be dismissed by row from your seats after the service


— We are attempting to mitigate anything that might violate social distancing guidelines

— We will not have anything go from hand to hand. No bulletins, bibles, handouts, etc.

— Once in your seated area, please stay there.

— Please do not leave the service. If you must, consider not re-entering.

— Please do not allow children to roam from your area

— You are welcome and encouraged to wear a mask if you would prefer

— After the service and you have been dismissed, please do not congregate in the parking lot



— The kitchen/restroom/fellowship hall/kids wing will be closed to all. No restrooms since the area is so confining. The length of our service will be shortened due to this factor.

— Only helpers/staff in the sound booth or stage area.



— We will not be passing an offering plate

— We are encouraging people to give online  (ONLINE GIVING)

— A Giving box will be located at the entrance/exit